Nature Spirit

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* 8x10 inches watercolor, ink, gold foil on paper

* This painting was born out of  reflecting that most people think of the natural world as utilitarian in some way or another. We either use the plants and animals to eat . Or we want to save them which validates our lives too, making us feel that we are "good" and that we care. I do all of these things too of course. Except that I  also think that a forest, the ocean,  the coyotes, the beetles , the plants, the soil all have their own social lives entwined with each other and us in ways that we cannot even comprehend. Trees communicate with each other, birds will punish members of their flock for bad behavior, plants make themselves attractive in very specific ways to attract the right insects to pollinate themselves. And under our feet  vast networks of fungi are holding and feeding all the world above. We lost a lot when we started thinking that we were the only ones with souls. And we have kept digging that hole in spite of centuries of suffering by both  humans and the natural world. Why? We always come back to greed . Enough is never enough.