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Eco-dying, Notebook making and Fall

I never was a big fan of school. The endless hours spent sitting at a desk, the always too short recess, PE teachers who should have enrolled in the military instead. And math. Oh the math. It did not matter which grade I was in you and I never belonged in the same sentence. 

But there was also Art and History and Literature and Latin. And these were everything. Along with skipping math class they kept me sane (don't tell my children).

 But in spite of all the stuff I didn't like about it I still loved Back to School time. There were rainy days, stops at the bakery when walking back from school for a Pain au Chocolat in Middle School and time with friends making friendship bracelets ( do you remember those?). And in High School the end of the day meant running in the rain to the nearest café holding your boyfriend's hand and endless games of pool with friends while smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. And coming back out in the golden slanted light of the evening sun with everything sparkling around covered in rain drops. Feeling like the world belonged to you.

 And there was the shopping for school supplies. And the French don't kid around with school supplies. The papers, highlighters and pencils. The erasers that smelled like strawberry, the fountain pens that every school age child writes with in class and the inks that go with it. The smell of the white out and the flower shaped sharpeners. The coloring pencils, watercolor and pretty notebooks.

 So I tried to recreate a bit of this atmosphere with trying my hand at eco dyeing paper using the Day of the Dead Marigolds that one of my daughters had planted in Spring. And I made a Note Book with it.

And you can see it all on YouTube right here: (16) Eco-Dying Paper + Notebook Making - YouTube

Let me know if you have additional questions :)

Much love,



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