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I never was a big fan of school. The endless hours spent sitting at a desk, the always too short recess, PE teachers who should have enrolled in the military instead. And math. Oh the math. It did not matter which grade I was in you and I never belonged in the same sentence.  But there was also Art and History and Literature and Latin. And these were everything. Along with skipping math class they kept me sane (don't tell my children).  But in spite of all the stuff I didn't like about it I still loved Back to School...

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If you don't know about Marija Gimbutas I invite you to watch this video and read her books.  She was a Lithuanian-American archaeologist and anthropologist known for her research into the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of Old Europe.

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I spent today doing a lot of Admin which means long hours sitting down at the computer so today I'm just going to link to two of my favorite YouTube channel: Li Ziqi lives in the Sichuan province of China. The region is stunningly beautiful, she is an expert cook and craftswoman. She works incredibly hard and makes absolutely stunning videos.  Jonna Jinton lives in Sweden. Another eye candy channel that is profoundly relaxing. Listen to her songs, music, vlogs and the recordings that she makes of the ice. And then there is the video where she takes an ice bath.......

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