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I miss the written word don't you?

I love videos and pictures of course, it is such a wonderful peak into someone's day but I miss knowing what people's thoughts and dreams are. What makes them truly happy ( I mean, I'm glad you enjoyed that lunch you posted on Instagram but what I really want to know is how are you doing really? What brings you joy or sorrow. How are you dealing with such an awful year? What books do you read? Which shows and movies do you watch? Do you paint? Knit? Make pottery? Photography? Where in the world do you live and what is life like over there?

I want connection in a world in a world where we are losing touch of what other people's lives are really like because we have to adhere to the arbitrary algorithm of social media. I want a space that is mine. Where I make the rules.

And I want to bring more beauty and inspiration to your life. So, this month I want to blog every day. I want to share what books I'm reading, what project I'm working on. The joys and challenges of life. Which watercolor paint I'm particularly loving today. Which YouTube, Instagram account or TV series I'm watching and find inspiring. And maybe I'll post a few little videos here and there too. Just for fun.

I hope you'll join me because I'd very much love to know what made your day.

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