Parenting in a pandemic.

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Parenting in a pandemic.

Today was a difficult parenting day with one kid having minor surgery and the other one having a melt down over a lot of homework, not enough outdoor time in the past 2 days. This pandemic is really doing a number on the number of hours that we spend indoors looking at screens doesn't it? And I think it's even worse for children. Finding balance as a parent is so dang difficult. It always is but the pandemic has made it so much worse. Trying to work with everybody in the house all the time is difficult at best. At worse you are wondering if you were really ever cut to be a parent :). But just like with everything, the mood clears, everybody suddenly helps (probably because they were scared for their lives but you know) and we are laughing again.

If you've got any tips don't hesitate to share. This week-end we are decorating for Christmas, I need to plant a few bulbs that I ordered last spring and I'm really hoping to also get to my painting table and make a little video!

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