This weekend was cozy and lovely and that had not happened in a long time. In between making a big push this year to make a living as an artist and personal upheaval (and I'm not even going to mention covid or politics) this year has seen a lot of growth and that is a very positive thing. 

It is also exhausting. And at the end of the year the exhaustion and stress is bone deep. 

But this past weekend was so very lovely. The tree went up. The outside lights were hung. Delicious, nourishing food was cooked ( I'll post recipes tomorrow) . Time spent with family and not in a "let's look at all the homework you did not do this week that needs to be turned in" kind of way. 

Dare I say we were merry? Yes I do.

We all know there will be no big family gathering at the table this holiday season,  a lot less gifts under the tree, the meal is likely to be more simple to.

But there will be love. 

And that is enough. 

Much love to you, 


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