What are you reading?

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What are you reading?

I have always been a huge reader reading several books a week from age 5 up. But then I had children and with each kid I read less which really wasn't a big deal ( there is a time for everything in life!). And then, way worse than having children technology became a big thing and it sucked all the free time away.

So, I decided to go to bed earlier so that I would have time to read before falling asleep. That was a total fail: after reading a few lines I'd be fast asleep. 

Now I actually have made my schedule so that I have time to read during the day and I feel so much happier. Being able to lose yourself in another world is such a gift.

These last few weeks have been intense so I've been reading books that are just fun. This series was recommended to me and I love it. It's a fairly fast read, action packed, funny and irreverent. And when is time travel not fun?

I'd really love it if you told me what you are reading... I've got big reading goals for 2021!


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